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It is the practice of driving targeted traffic to your website through organic search engine rankings. Organic search is how individuals uncover content online. Therefore, a higher ranking means more organic traffic to your website. It includes both technical and content practices aimed at meeting the needs of the best search engine algorithms. Common tasks associated with SEO include creating quality content, optimizing content based on specific keywords, and building backlinks. 

In other words, search engine optimization is about improving your website’s ranking in the organic section of SERP.

How Our SEO Service Works ?

We work by optimizing your website for search engines such as Google. It is our responsibility to ensure that search engines recognize your website as the best overall result for human research. The algorithm considers permissions, query importance, download speed, and other variables to determine the “best” result. For example, Google’s algorithm includes over 200+ ranking factors. Most people think of “Google SEO” when they think of search engine optimization.

Importance of Ranking in SEO ?

Good rankings are a valuable source of traffic. The higher your page ranks during human research, the greater the chance of generating leads and increasing the number of clicks. Some common factors which helps in website ranking are usage of relevant keywords in title, meta description, alt tags, html tags, text content, page loading time, url structure, proper link building & submissions.

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SEO Benefits

Our SEO Service Includes

On-Page SEO :

On-page optimization plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of your website. We offer thorough on-page optimization services inclusive of both one-time optimization and ongoing SEO maintenance. 

By optimizing your websites with a strong linking structure, we make it easier for you to keep your site up-to-date and accommodating with Google’s guidelines. 

This enhances the user experience as well as improves visibility and ranking of your website.

Off-Page SEO :

Off-page optimization refers to all the activity that takes place away from a website. It determines your rank within the SERP.

We ensure your website has the best opportunity to improve its domain authority, and ultimately rank higher within the SERPs by

  • Link building.
  • Social media submissions.
  • Directory Profile Creations & Forum postings.
  • Article, Blog, Image, Video submissions and more.

Local SEO :

Your website should always pop-up when a user searches for you by using location details or the “near me” keyword. We create a business profile and optimize it with more relevant content such as your business details like products, services, images, reviews, etc. These factors will help your website to rank higher in the local map section in SERP.

Technical SEO :

It refers to website and server optimization, which helps search engine crawlers to index your website more effectively. As a result, it helps to improve the website rankings.

We offer technical audits to identify and rectify if any issues arise. The most commonly used technical seo are

  • Disavow backlinks, sitemap submission, robot.txt file.
  • Remove broken links, duplicate or outdated content.
  • Http status codes, page speed optimization & mobile friendly testing.

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