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Reach your clients rapidly and with accuracy with a data-driven PPC campaign.

Think about what a user is going to type. Search Engine Marketing services can display your business at right time to right audience.

Google has answers for all our queries, however lame it might be. It churns out millions of results based on the type of query. It’s easy for a business to be lost amidst this ocean of results, provided you are following search engine optimization techniques such as usage of right keywords, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO etc. by following right techniques you will be able to gain an organic reach among your target audience. Another method to display your brand is known as Search Engine Marketing services.

However, search engine optimization is not only important when it comes to garnering attention of your target audience, you can also promote your business through search engine marketing services such as paid ads via google or other search engines. This is commonly termed as Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click program in Google Ads. In this paid promotional search program, the brand is required to pay each time their advertisement is clicked by a user, who could be a potential customer.

Why SEM Services?

Pay per click, when compared to other paid promotion models, provides a lot of value and the brand benefits highly from this partnership at a minimum cost, the ads can result in a better conversion rate for a brand. You would have already come across such kind of paid advertisements popping up on the google results. These advertisements commonly occupy a top spot in google page results. Now, though it’s a paid promotional program, the ppc ad should comprise the right keywords. An advertisement that caters to a specific segment of audience , carefully curated with the right mix of keywords, can result in a good ROI for a brand. 

Example for Your Understanding

Let’s say, an advertisement for a tour package might probably cost 5 $ per click for a travel agent, however, the ROI for a brand from a potential sale could be in hundreds of dollars.

Search Engine Marketing Services

While organic reach for a brand might take it’s own sweet time, a perfect pay per click ad can yield you the results within a short span of time. We at JSR DigiMarketing, design the right ad for you, and also provide you the report on customer reach, lead generation and conversion rate from this model.

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